What I am

Approaching the age of 50, mature in business, finance and ICT, I acknowledged my “ignored” need to explore my creativity.  A friend spot on advised me to explore furniture making.

To explore and acquire the desired quality level, I took some introduction courses and there after went back to school for 2 year, to acquire a traditional Craftsmanship degree in furniture design and cabinet making (to compete my portfolio of science degrees).

As of day one I have focused on sustainability, using reclaimed materials, exploring natural finishing, giving abandoned furniture a second life to minimize my footprint.

As of may 2016 Hansterdam is in business and it’s home is a workshop, situated in “het Blauwe Pand” in Zaandam. Next to my atelier it houses other creative brains in crafts and arts.

Hansterdam designs furniture collection and makes custom made furniture on request for both business and consumers. Everything made gets a personal touch (“passion and meaning”), based on the needs and inspired by my customers desires. 

I noticed people favor being my partner making the product (and would in fact rather make it themselves using my skills. To share my skills, creativity, tools, environmental awareness and experiences in life, I have developed one time workshops and courses to coach individuals on a road-trip / experience / journey of developing crafts and making/restoring furniture themselves

Last year 2015 I developed 3 in-school programs teaching kids. These are: Craftsmanship in wood, Creativity in Art and Environment and Technique. Coming september 2016 I will start workshops and courses in my “Atelier” teaching Furniture/Interior knowledge and skills.

Please contact me if you as individual or group member would like to participate in a training or workshop or would like your kids to experience the world of arts and crafts.

Each piece of furniture I make and workshop I facilitate is a custom made event exploring life, thoughts, tools and materials. Please contact me if I can do something for you. info@hansterdam.nl

With respect,  Han NoordenbosProduct & creator