Storage chest Chinese style, for glossies and magazines

imageThis box or chest is made of 100% reclaimed material. The metalwork was reclaimed from a ‘chinese style suitcase’ and the Iroko wood from a lounge table frame. 

Both reclaimed after they had been parked at the garbage bin. The 2 compartments have room for 60 glossy magazines.

Using your old furniture elements new custom made products can be made. We collect old materials and do remakes of your old items on order.




Scaffolding Wood (Outdoor) Tables, Stools and Benches

On request/order I make high-end outdoor or indoor furniture, made of scaffolding wood. The quality of construction, sanding and finishing is high! which guarantees a long life-cycle. The items are custom-made and finished.


Time to delivery after ordering approximately 2 weeks. Please contact us to discuss sizing, width, height and finishing (color) and price.  or

Tafel Wit-Grijs

Tuinbank 2 planken

Scaffolding wood outdoor benches


Scaffolding wood benchMay 2016 I completed and delivered 2 scaffolding wood sofas for Panaderia Alhambra at the van Hallstraat in Westerpark, Amsterdam. Finishing done with hard coal (antraciet) waterbased stain.
Used my Hansterdam branding license plate for the first time.

Escher inspired bench

Escher inspired BenchThe inspiration for this piece of Furniture was an Escher print. Painting and gluing a left-over box of oak floor tile components on waste OSB, placed on 2 old chair frames this stool was created. The Escher style stool.
This item is for sale and a limited edition of 20 items in total will be made and can be ordered, in any color combination favored. À limited edition certificate comes with the item ordered.

Paintshop stool

Paintshop stool, Max by Hansterdam: 100%reclaimed materials.

image image image image





These stools are made of left-over paintshop supports. These supports were used in the window and door frame making Industry to hold window frames while being painted in the spray booth. The colour on the wood is the result of multiple entry of the suppports in the spray cabin, thus being partly repainted imagewith different colors each time a new frame was painted in the cabin. So these stools are zero footprint, made of 100% reclaimed material.