Scaffolding Wood (Outdoor) Tables, Stools and Benches

On request/order I make high-end outdoor or indoor furniture, made of scaffolding wood. The quality of construction, sanding and finishing is high! which guarantees a long life-cycle. The items are custom-made and finished.


Time to delivery after ordering approximately 2 weeks. Please contact us to discuss sizing, width, height and finishing (color) and price.  or

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Escher inspired bench

Escher inspired BenchThe inspiration for this piece of Furniture was an Escher print. Painting and gluing a left-over box of oak floor tile components on waste OSB, placed on 2 old chair frames this stool was created. The Escher style stool.
This item is for sale and a limited edition of 20 items in total will be made and can be ordered, in any color combination favored. À limited edition certificate comes with the item ordered.